About Us

Deuteronomy Press is a publisher of speculative books on spiritual themes. We are a home for writers and artists with unique visions of our inner and outer landscapes. In all written text, there is a remnant of the ineffable, a spark of transcendence. At Deuteronomy Press, we see creative expression as a sacred service—a way to create new worlds, and not merely to annotate our experience. When we make art, we tap into elemental wellsprings. These springs are a reminder of our origins; their murmuring is the song of our souls. 

Established in 2014 by Jorian Polis Schutz, Deuteronomy Press was conceived with a desire to rescue idiosyncratic books that have fallen through the cracks in the publishing world. We support projects that seek out hidden meanings, higher callings, mystical wisdom, and utopian futures. Some of these are books that deal explicitly with religious themes—Jewish history, Jewish philosophy, translations of Hebrew books, and Torah commentaries. Some are purely imaginative—visual art, children’s books, graphic novels, literature, and poetry. The Press is also committed to promoting diverse voices and perspectives. In particular, we encourage submissions by writers and artists who are currently unpublished. 

The pages of our books are soil, and the words are the seeds.  

Welcome to the harvest. 

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