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To strive towards a Sabbath culture is to invite the abundance of Sabbath into each and every day, and into every makom [place] in which we dwell; it is to plant our fields and orchards for the sake of Sabbath, to tend the wild for the sake of Sabbath, to regenerate the web of life in harmony with the Sabbath, and to teach our children in the spirit of the Sabbath. This is how we may come to witness the Sabbath reaching forth from the sacred center — like tree roots stretching through the soil, like hydrating tributaries flowing from the source.

[…] If we can approach this great call homeward humbly and with respect, then we can begin to recognize and celebrate these blessings. We can learn to hear the song of the land, and we can begin to sing it too. All animals, all plants, all parts of Creation sing the song of the land, and they are waiting for us to sing along. The song of Sabbath is the song of the land, when we come to love where we stand.

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